BMA : aka : Brian Aufdenberg (formerly Bagel)


From the first time I first heard modern breakbeat and hardcore back in the early 1990’s, I knew it was something special. Something different. For lack of better words, it just made sense. The progression from there to early jungle, and eventually drum and bass seemed to all just make sense to me. The syncopated drums, the synth stabs, the bass, the somewhat outsider feel and sound of it all. Everything about this culture just clicked for me and I knew it was going to have a lifelong effect on me. I did what one does and saved up money, invest in a DJ set up and started buying records. I spent countless hours learning the art of DJing. From selection, to programming, to feeling out a crowd, to scouring to find new and exciting music. I couldn’t get enough. (I still can’t 20 years later if truth be told.)In the late 1990’s I started playing out under the name DJ Bagel at more and more parties, club nights and doing a decent amount of travel playing gigs all through out the United States and Canada. This was an exciting time when Drum and Bass was emerging in the USA from both a DJ and production standpoint. 

Then there was ECLIPSE…Over a seven year period from 1998 to 2004 I was the weekly host of one of the first all Drum and Bass weekly internet radio shows, let alone one based in the USA. The life of Eclipse took place on such sites as, and then one of the very first ever shows on with known listeners in over 26 countries tuning in to hear the latest in up-front drum and bass. This was supported with an active and at times a non-stop touring schedule that took me DJing in many of the major drum and bass parties and clubs in North America and beyond. In that time I also was one of the founding members of the 412DNB Crew in Pittsburgh, PA. We started a party called Fuze, that morphed into FUZZ! And it went on to be one of the longest running weekly drum and bass parties in the country, and went strong for 13 years. In 2004, I took a step back from the frontlines of Drum and Bass to focus more on photography, painting and travel. Form 2005 to 2010 I was still playing select events and just enjoyed the music from a fans standpoint for a while. 

In 2011 I started to pick up more and more DJing gigs again as well as making a few new mixes for various drum and bass podcasts and netcasts. In the summer of 2013 I stated to get more into the production side of things. I sat back, studied, watched, read, and started to learn all I could and can about making this music I love so much. I also was DJing more and in the fall of 2013 started to do a monthly show called The Vast Parlor. By the start of 2014, The Vast Parlor became a regularly scheduled show The show was well received and built a strong, dedicated following with listeners tuning in and interacting in the shows chat room from various places around the globe. The show ended on a high note in the summer of 2015 with some of the highest ratings for a show on

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